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Friday, March 03, 2006

March to Animation

I was planing to start blocking animation on start of March, (see, how optimistic I am) some texture problem comes up on Mousetrap metals when test rendering. I though I'm done with MouseTrap, but here I am trapped again. Lucily, I just found out what's causing the problem. I was using composite mat to make some dirt on mousetrap. But, turns out Looks like our Mental Ray is Mentally incapable of rendering Composite materials. (enough with mentalray jokes?) So, I got to take my Mental Ray to a Mental-Health Center... (oh, c'mon) A doctor there said "Use the force!" but he was short and green, I didn't listen to him of course. Because another doctor said "You can use a Mental Ray Material, and put a 'Material to Shader' map to surface slot, then copy your old Composite mat to this empty slot. It should work!" then he left running. He's got normal human size ears, so I listen to him. It really worked! See my Textured, Shaded, Fixed, Lighted, Delighted, and rendered Mouse Trap... oh, and cheese!


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