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Monday, February 06, 2006

Texturing Stuff...

Hello again. I think I figured out how to deal with Mental Ray. (here goes another bad MentalRay joke...) It was a "mental" challange, but I'm happy with the current Visual/Render-Time balance I got. Not too happy, but I'm not used to be too "satisfied" with my work anyway. So, now what? Now, I'm going to continue making Texture & Shaders for rest of the objects.
Here is a WIP render of the cartoon milk bottle that I made. I drew cows using splines and extrude modifier. Every texture is procedural. (Gradient Ramp with noise) Then I render it from Top View, and apply it as a bitmap texture to milk bottle object.

I'll post some other objects later. Now working on texturing "mugs" that Binky Mouse will jump&run through their handles. A few mugs with funny logos, etc. I'll come up with some interesting Mug shots. :) (ok, that was good wasn't it?)


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