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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Test Render: Blurred Counter

Hi again,
I've been working on Materials & Lighting for last week. Doing some test rendering with different materials. I'm trying to to setup pretty much all of this simultaneously because I good ideas always comes to my mind while I'm working on, not planning on. So, I don't have a fixed texture or lighting setup.

But I do have some specific details. For example;

* I do like a classic parquet flooring, with a subtle reflection.
* I strongly like a window blinds, and volumetric sunlight beams comes from outside.
* I do like a blurred reflection on kitchen counter. (which I'm trying right now)
* I do like soft shadows.
* I do like J-Lo.

Anyway, my main focus is to create a good animation. So, some of those eye-candy stuff could be downsized!

Here is a Test Render of my kitchen counter material. I used Falloff map with Mental Ray "Glass" Lume. (I have no idea, I just stack them randomly! hehe) I set transparency to zero, and check Blur Reflection to on... There, I got a nice blurred reflection, and renders a bit faster than DGS map.


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