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Monday, December 26, 2005

Wireframe of a mess...

I've modelled pretty much %90 of the kitchen. All scene is around 60000 polygons. (including Binky character model) Now... texturing and UVW Mapping all of these would be a wonderful joy. Last time I experienced a fun proccess like this would be 15 years ago, when I break my leg. :)

Anyway, here is the wireframe look of the Kitchen... And a closeup of the MouseTrap model. (which was a bit of a problem to model right... and I'm still not sure I did)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Binky Model & Rig Turnaround

Here is the Final Look of the Mouse Binky and his "Bizarre" rig. On the other hand, nothing looks "final" to me. :)
Quicktime 7, Divx, and Wmv versions.(There is no codec excuse, you'll watch this heheh)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Now, some new things!

Ok, it'll be a story inside a kitchen, so the first thing I needed to model is the... kitchen I suppose. Lol. Anyway, what makes a kitchen a kitchen? A big colorful sign that says "The Kitchen!" eh? (great idea actually!) But that won't work in my animation. A room with some "kitchen" objects will do.

First, I modelled walls, and a window that I'll definately try to use a volumetric light coming from. (I can't help it, I just like volume lights) Then I start to model objects. First model was the tricky one, a mousetrap! Yes, there is a mousetrap in this shortfilm too. But don't be scared though. No mouse is harmed. Here are some of the the simple turnaround animations of the things I modelled so far. You'll need Quicktime 7 to watch those.